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Web Hosting

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If you are going to have me do your website, I have you host with Dan Dawson who has many tallents, one of which is a WebMaster. I will call him to set up your site, but you will be paying him directly for your domain name and the rent of your site, not me. The fees below will continue as long as you want to have your site online and you will pay Dan.

The cost of your site space and name is separate from the cost to have me create your site, which you will pay me for. Once your site is up, you may never need me again, or you may need a little help from time to time as your information changes.

Hosting with Dan Dawson

Fees for Site Rental and Domain Name

If you are just getting information from this site, the following are things to consider when you think about where to host your website .

  1. Will you be able to talk to the web master?
  2. Can you have a data base ?
  3. Can you have a CGI file?

Now, using the above ideas, ask your friends and family where they host their web sites and how happy are they with the service they get.