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Website Content Development

It would be best if you have done the Research worksheet first. Then you may want to print out 2 Content Worksheets, one to list sites you like and one to start to plan your site, page by page. Use your favorite sites to write out your content ideas.

Here are some ideas of things to look for, happy hunting!

  1. Write the URL for your favorite sites.
    • Copy and print the content you want to use.
    • You will need to reword the content you borrow.
  2. In your browser, bookmark the sites that you want to return to, or that you want me to see.
  3. Sometimes it is usefull to use full sheets of paper, one for each page, to write out your content.
    • Be as specific as possible, just like you were writing a book to go to print.
    • If you do it in WORD, use the spell check, and you can send me the attachments to use to actually make your pages.
    • Have family and friends read it and give you their ideas.

Again, use this Worksheet to keep track of your work so we can explore what you want when we get together.