Shady Oaks in Mount Hermon

The Path down to the House

View of the dining room looking into the kitchen. View of old wooden signs all mashed together on the end of the woodshed.

The house sits between Mound Ave. and Lakeside Ave. The brick path leading down from Mound Ave. wanders through a very private lush green garden. There is a collection of old signs on the woodshed.

The Front Door

View of the front door and hall tree.

Inside at the front door, there is a hall tree.

The Dining Room

View of the dining room looking into the kitchen.

The dining room looking into the kitchen. The dining room has wood floors and redwood walls. There is a lot of china plus a spoon collection to decorate the room.

There is a touch of Swedish in the decorations of this Stuga. The view from the windows is of the Mount Hermon field house and field. A humming bird feeder hangs just outside the window where the table sits, making breakfast a really fun time as you watch the humming birds feed just inches away from you.

Standing at the stairs and looking at the dining room, with the table, hutch
with china and end of room china shelf. China and spoon collection on two shelves.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a combination of white and redwood. There is a microwave, dishwasher, toaster, blender and a gas stove. Under the sink is the mixer and the recycle containers.

Kitchen with white painted walls and small counters.

The Master Bedroom

end of room with bed, covered with a quilt, white pillows, quilt
window cover above bed and  2 stands at the head with lamps

The master bedroom has a raised queen bed up against the end of the room with foot stools on each side. The window over the head of the bed is really a half door and swings open for a fresh view of the patio. Lamps on either side are available for your reading.